Hi! I’m Fabiana.
I make paintings on commission, I sew customised fabric dolls and much more!
This is my web site where you can find a bit of everything I create.
Nice to meet you!

About me

You might like to know who I am, but I think it would be easier to explain what I do. Let me start by telling you that I’ve always had a passion for drawing and for colours. I’ve been drawing since I was a child, mostly female figures. That is probably where my passion for dolls stems from. Wait, I didn’t like Barbie dolls though; I’ve always been attracted by unusual, unique things, and if they were handmade then that would really start me dreaming. Meanwhile, I was drawing. I remember that I used to like trying to make a portrait of a little white and blue porcelain statue – a dancing maiden wearing a big wide skirt. Then I started putting a mirror in front of me and trying to draw my self-portrait. It goes without saying that in school they all realised that I was primarily interested in experimenting with applied arts. All the paths of my study have been based on this. My love for the sewing machine has started not too many years ago. But it is true love, I know that for sure. I create dolls and little fabric animals for myself – and for you too, if you would like it! We can discuss anything that it comes into your mind. The same applies for my very first love: painting. I paint custom orders or, if requested, I can get inspiration from paintings I have already made in the past. So, if you see a painting on my site which is currently sold out, don’t worry, as I can make a similar one again. Please find below the form you can fill in if you would like to contact me or go to etsy to find all the available products!


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